Linear to log channel conversion...Help

BIGOS@Darwin.Stanford.EDU BIGOS at Darwin.Stanford.EDU
Fri Sep 6 11:53:20 EST 1996

Linear to log conversion:

	Ch = (ch_dec)Log(S/k)
	Ch = observed channel
	ch_dec = # of channels in one decade
	S is origional signal
	k is a scaling factor (arbitrary)

Solve for S:
	S = k * 10 **(Ch/ch-dec)

For four decades and 0-1023 channels,
	ch-dec = 256
If k = 1, signal range is 1 - 10000,
For a different signal range, choose a different k.

Of course, this all depends on the log amp being four 
decades and having a true log character.

-Marty Bigos
Stanford Shared FACS Facility

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