Flow software for Power Macintosh

Byrne, Fergus, M.D. fbyrne at med1.medsch.ucla.edu
Fri Sep 6 13:24:00 EST 1996

Hello World,
This is my first mesage on this forum so my apologies if I have done it wrong 
and sent it to the wrong place. I am vey open top corrections.

We are doing a lot of 3 colour staining of T cells form Inflammatory Bowel 
Disease patients (FITC/PerCP/PE) for CD3, CD4, CD8 and various integrins and 
adhesion molecules. We want to get out own software to process/analyse the 
data for a power mac so it will be fast. Does anyone know of a good program 
they could let me know about. Thanks in Advance

Dr. Fergus Byrne
UCLA 310-7947195
fbyrne at med1.medsch.ucla.edu

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