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Sun Sep 1 19:32:20 EST 1996

Greetings to all -

The Editorial Board of Communications in Clinical Cytometry is evaluating the
possibility of publishing information on local and regional flow user's
groups. We already have info on some groups, but would like to make the
listings as complete as possible. Any responses with info would be
appreciated (don't worry about duplication; I'd rather cull duplicates than
leave anyone out). Please supply the following:

- Name of the group (and acronym, if any)
- Contact person, with phone, fax, e-mail and address if one exists
- Upcoming meeting dates and meeting frequency
- Examples of meeting topics
- Focus of group (clinical vs research, mixed, etc)
- Anything else you want to add!

Joe Motil and I will be collecting the info to pass on to the editors. Please
respond directly to me (or to Joe via phone or fax, as he is not hooked up to
e-mail just yet) at:

Karenrt at  OR  (301)977-0536 x 16 (voice)

Thanks to everyone!

Karen Tamul
FAST Systems, Inc
Gaithersburg, MD
Karen Tamul

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