*False* anemia and *True* anemia

watchman@nucleus.com watchman at nucleus.com
Sun Sep 1 13:10:52 EST 1996

It has been recently reported the buildup of iron in the 
body due to the *heme-iron* from meat which is *not* easily
controlled by the body creates a 'false' anemia in the body.
This false anemia is the *same* anemia as the *anemia of 
chronic disease* in which the body tries to *kill* an invader
be it cancer/virus/bacteria ALL of which are iron dependent.
In this case it is the *iron* itself which the immune 
system is trying to *kill*. Could Fanconi.. which is *known*
 can be caused by *heavy metal toxicity* be in fact.. caused
by the buildup of iron? Heavy metal toxicity is known to
cause Fanconi.. leading to acidosis.. leading to leaching of
calcium from the bone {osteroporosis] Could Fanconi which 
*coincidentally*? leads to 'all of the above'..*be* in fact simply 
'too much iron'? Since chelators have been found to suppress
the chromosome breaks by as much as fifty per cent?

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