Sorting Difficulties

Ray Hicks rh208 at
Mon Oct 21 05:07:46 EST 1996

I had something like this a while ago on a FACStar plus, it turned out that
the engineer had swapped the vacuum and sheath tubes at the nozzle holder
during a "preventative" maintenance visit. The break off was stable for
some time and then would move sporadically.


At 3:45 pm 18/10/96, Vincent Falco wrote:
>To All:
>In the time course of performing a sort (1-2hrs.) my sorter is experiencing
>drifts in droplet breakoff(as observed by the camera screen on the
>sorter).When this is observed,the sort is stopped and the drop delay/droplet
>breakoff is checked by performing the ususal bead count matrix over several
>drop delays.Typically, the drop delay has in fact changed from its original.
>While I want to hear any and all responses as to what the problem may be(my
>performance or the sorter)assume for the time that there is absolutely no
>clogs,no air/fluidic leaks, and all electronics completely in fine tune.
>Vincent Falco
>New England Medical Center
>vincent.falco at

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