Hoechst toxicity

Michal Bochenek mbochen at izoo.krakow.pl
Fri Oct 18 05:53:43 EST 1996

Hi Rene,
I'm involved in a very similar program here in Poland.
Ad rem - We realized several experiments with bovine sperm to check out 
if Ho33342 really doesn't affect on spermatozoa or embryo development.
These experiments confirmed common opinion in principle: generally 
there's no influence of Ho33342 on fertility. 
There are some snags here however. It appeared that fertility after 
staining with Ho33342 strongly depends on donor (bull).

For example: there was 45% (of oocytes used for fertilization) 
embryo cleavage rate and 8% of blastocyst in control group; and 44%, 9% 
respectively in 'stained spermatozoa' group -- first donor;
48%, 35% in control group; and 51%, 18% in 'stained' group -- other donor.

Our other simple test of sperm motility (presence of motile 
spermatozoa in 46.5 C temp.) showed only very little negative influence of 
Ho33342 on this parameter if spermatozoa weren't analyzed in cytometer 
and - much more funny - pretty big (with a few exceptions) positive 
influence after sperm 'analyzing' in UV.
I hope it helps you, feel free to contact me for further data and sharing 
information. I think it should be useful for both you and me :)

Michal Bochenek, 
mbochen at izoo.krakow.pl

Dept. of Animal Reproduction,
National Research Institute of Animal Production
Balice/Krakow, Poland

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