Adrian Moris Adrian_Moris at
Fri Oct 11 10:16:40 EST 1996

     OK.  Let us please stop the bickering.  At this point I am quite sorry 
     I ever posted my musical messages.  It was meant as a simple diversion 
     to the day to day drudgery, but has turned into a whole new creature.  
     I cannot speak for my Jethro Tull-loving-friend-I've-never-met, but I 
     am very saddened that my message has erupted into a virtual shouting 
     In the interest of professionalism, let this thread die a quiet death. 
     Try to remember that the research community is rather small and the 
     flow community is even smaller.  Someday, you may have to deal with 
     the folks your may be bashing.  Or worse yet, they might have the 
     answer to the question you've just posted to the list.  
     Thank you for your time.  
     The Pillsbury Flow Boy
     Adrian Moris
     "A peaceful place, or so it looks from Space. 
     A closer look reveals the human race."-JG

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