ACDU problems on the HP jim.henthorn at
Fri Oct 4 13:02:56 EST 1996

     Hi all,
     I am having a terrible time with the ACDU software on the HP. When 
     doing 3 or 4 color sorts it will not load sort regions set with LYSYS 
     II.  I've talked to the people at BD tech support; they tell me I have 
     to reenter all of the sort gates manually from the ACDU software.  
     This is not an easy task to numerically enter 6 sorting parameters.  
     One time as I was entering the sorting parameters for FL2 it changed
     the regions for FL3, or it might change the threshold value when 
     starting the program.  This software is very user unfriendly and 
     unpredictable and I'm under the notion that BD does not plan to 
     upgrade it.  Has anybody else had these kinds of problems? 
     Jim Henthorn
     University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
     P.O. Box 26901 BSEB Rm 309
     Oklahoma City, OK  73190
     email: Jim-Henthorn at

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