Coulter EPICS Elite?

SKCC sdrcc at
Wed Nov 27 23:39:54 EST 1996

Our institute is considering the pros and cons of a two-laser Coulter 
EPICS Elite ESP preparative sorter, versus a similarly configured B-D 
FACS/Caliber analytical FACS. With appropriate add-ons, they are being 
offered for similar prices. The majority of the experience among our 
faculty has been with the B-D, and their impression is that earlier 
versions of the Coulter were not rated as highly as contemporary models 
of the B-D. The FACS will be used by a wide range of investigators with 
a considerable range of expertise.

Does anyone have experience with the current models of these two 

Does the Coulter require a fully dedicated operator? (Apparently the 
B-D, which is only an analytical instrument, does not.)

Thanks for your input.

Charles Van Beveren
Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center
San Diego, CA

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