Staining with fluorochrome conjugated oligos

Aki Hoji akhst7+ at
Mon Nov 25 19:45:28 EST 1996

Hi, all

Is it possible to stain the cell with fluorochrome conjugated 
oligonucleotides that are specific to certain mRNA of the interest.  
Also, I have been wondering if it is even possible to achieve multi-color 
staining by using biotin conjugated oligos.  This approach may be 
preferable (i.e. regarding a cost) than using monoclonals in the 
situation where the panel of monoclonals must be employed (e.g. TCR 
analysis). Any  comments or suggestions would be much appreciated. 

Happy Thanksgivings, 


Aki Hoji (akhst7+ at
Dept. Infectious Diseases and Microbiology
University of Pittsburgh

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