Walter Sharp 102675.320 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Nov 26 08:47:37 EST 1996

Second query today !

I would like to ask for a concensus opinion on the use of antibodies to GPI
linked antigens such as 55, 59, 14, 16 etc in the diagnosis of PNH and the early
detection of conversion of Aplastic anaemia to PNH.

We routinely use 55 (sometimes - see earlier mail re: Heat stability) & 59 in
parallel to the old Sucrose lysis and "Ham's" test.

Two questions -

1) Does the "panel" think that 55 & 59 are sufficient or should others like 14
and 16 be used also, as is suggested in various papers ?

2) Is it really necessary to use stone age techniques such as Sucrose lysis and
acidified serum tests when the "cutting edge" technology is available ?

Thanks again

Wal Sharp

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