MESF Calculations

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Mon Nov 25 11:56:45 EST 1996

Dear Collegues:

MESFs were developed to provide a meaningful "absolute" unit of
fluorescence intensity which was instrument independent.  MESFs for
standard particles are established via spectrofluormetry directly against
solutions of high purity fluorochome which have the same excitation and
emission spectra  and are as responsive to the environment as the labeled
samples, e.g., pH.  Meeting these criteria, automatically provides
correction for differences in extinction coefficients, quenching and
changes in quantum efficiency which would be necessary to consider if
actual numbers of fluorochrome molecules on the standard particles were

The following references may provide useful information:

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Note, the determining MESFs of a sample does not accurately indicate the
number of antibodies binding to the sample (Antibody Binding Capacity,
ABC) unless the "effective F/P" ratio or antibody binding standards are

I hope this information clarifies what MESF units are and how they are

Best regards,

Abe Schwartz, PhD
President, FCSC

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