Adherent Cells Lesterjp at
Mon Nov 25 09:27:03 EST 1996

We are performing surface phenotyping studies using normal and transformed
osteoblast-like cells.  Specifically, we are investigating integrin and other
adhesion molecule expression.  

Thus, the obvious drawback is how to detach these cells from their substrate
without altering surface proteins.  We have tried various enzymatic
treatments using dispase, pronase, collagenase (crude prep.), and mixtures of
these.  Cell scraping without treatment destroys the cell population.  While
dispase and collagenase are both successful in detaching the cells, I
certainly question the maintenance of epitopic integrity following treatment.
 We have received positive (and most importantly, reproducible) results for
some, but not all, of the mAbs tested.  

Any suggestions?

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