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Anna Porwit anpo at
Wed Nov 20 03:31:14 EST 1996

>We have recently examined a lymph node excised from a piece of jejunum
>and the larger cells in the suspension(25% of all cells) had the
>atypical T cell immunophenotype - CD2+, CD3+, CD7+, CD4-, CD8-, CD5-,
>CD56-, CD1a-, CD10-, I3- and CD71+.  The cells also displayed strong
>intensity CD45.
>Has anyone else come across such an unusual immunophenotype?
We have seen such immunophenotype in at least two cases of high-grade T cell 
lymphomas, but not of the GI tract. Did you check CD30?
Best wishes
Anna Porwit-MacDonald, 
Haematopathology lab., Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm >

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