Broken Slot Machine Characters on Elite Software

C. Kevin Becker phnxflow at
Tue Nov 19 18:25:44 EST 1996

I will offer a suggestion which you may want to try.  There is a "thing"
called a font table in the memory of all PC video cards which is used by
certain DOS graphical programs.    In some new fancy video cards, the
manufactor moves this font table without telling anyone.  When a program
tries to use this font table, on one of these new video cards, the
characters are not drawn correctly because the software doesn't know that
the font table moved.   Usually, if you dig around on the installation
diskettes given with the video card, there will be a TSR that solves this
problem.  A TSR is a small program which the PC computer loads up
automatically every time you turn it on.  Similar to an init on a MacIntosh.

Hope this works,

C. Kevin Becker
Phoenix Flow Systems, Inc.>
>  Doug:
>      I too reported these problems many months ago.  I  loaded the software on
>an HP Vectra.  When I telephoned Coulter, they told me that the newer version
>of  software would solve the problem.  Since that time I have tried the newest
>version of software out there with no resolution of the problem.  I was  told
>it could be the fact that my computer was an HP.  My only solution is to load
>the software on a 486.
>In any event, I would be  very interested in any solutions or ideas you
>receive.  It has been well over a year for me, and I too would like to use  my
>computer for its intended use.
>      Regards,
>      Abby Allen
>      Center for Blood Research
>      Boston, MA  02115
>      allen at
>      >  From: dsmoot at (Mr. Douglas Smoot), on 11/13/96 2:23 PM:
>      >  
>      >  I just bought I new Gateway Pentium 133MHz computer and the Elite
>  software
>      >  has the problem that has been much reported on this list.  The menu
>    options
>      >  and other assorted text in the program appears as jibberish.  I looked
>      >  through the messages that I could find and did not see a report on the
>      >  solution to the problem.  Is there a solution to the problem?  I have
>    tried
>      >  version 4.02 of the software, which I will reload, and it does the
>      >  thing.  Any ideas.  I hope that I didn't waste the approx. $2000 to
>    the
>      >  computer.
>      >  
>      >  Doug
>      >
>      >  --------}
>      >  Douglas Smoot
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