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Abby Allen allen at
Mon Nov 18 16:55:15 EST 1996

      I too reported these problems many months ago.  I  loaded the software on
an HP Vectra.  When I telephoned Coulter, they told me that the newer version
of  software would solve the problem.  Since that time I have tried the newest
version of software out there with no resolution of the problem.  I was  told
it could be the fact that my computer was an HP.  My only solution is to load
the software on a 486.
In any event, I would be  very interested in any solutions or ideas you
receive.  It has been well over a year for me, and I too would like to use  my
computer for its intended use.
      Abby Allen
      Center for Blood Research
      Boston, MA  02115
      allen at
      >  From: dsmoot at (Mr. Douglas Smoot), on 11/13/96 2:23 PM:
      >  I just bought I new Gateway Pentium 133MHz computer and the Elite
      >  has the problem that has been much reported on this list.  The menu
      >  and other assorted text in the program appears as jibberish.  I looked
      >  through the messages that I could find and did not see a report on the
      >  solution to the problem.  Is there a solution to the problem?  I have
      >  version 4.02 of the software, which I will reload, and it does the
      >  thing.  Any ideas.  I hope that I didn't waste the approx. $2000 to
      >  computer.
      >  Doug

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      >  Douglas Smoot
      >  Immune Cell Biology Program
      >  Naval Medical Research Institute, Code O612
      >  Bethesda, MD 20889-5607
      >  voice (301) 295-6272  fax: (301) 295-0376

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