Use of Acridine Orange in killing assay.

Surgical Labs Resident SURGLAB1 at
Mon Nov 18 12:30:00 EST 1996

Hello Flowers,
     This is my first time using "the list" and I think it's great, 
especially since I am a newcomer  to the world of flow cytometry. I'm trying 
to adapt an old microscopic technique that uses acridine orange in a 
neutrophil killing assay, where candida or staph. a. is used as the target. 
A.O. is supposed to passively enter the effector cells, and shift from green 
to red fluorescence when phagocytosed targets are killed. Can anyone out 
there explain this to me in a little more detail and tell me if it would 
work with flow cytometry?

Raffi Manoukian
Royal Victoria Hospital
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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