4th color options

Thomas Delohery t-delohery at ski.mskcc.org
Mon Nov 18 02:08:50 EST 1996

>Recent discussion about the 4th color on FACSCalibur prompts me to point
>that, as Angela Schultz points out, there are many options.  These are based on
>the recently developed Cy7 tandems of both PE and APC.  While Tom Frey is
>correct that Cy7 is not efficiently excited at 635 nm, my guess is that Tom
>Delohery was talking about the Cy7 tandems.

I was speaking about Cy7 tandems.  I was also under the impression that the
'Calibur measured 4-colors with 3 PMTs, where FL3/FL4 were collected in one PMT.
I have been informed by Tom Frey that BD has discontinued that design and now
uses separate PMTs for each fluorescence.


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