Elite Display problems on a Pentium

Mr. Douglas Smoot dsmoot at med.navy.mil
Wed Nov 13 14:23:38 EST 1996

I just bought I new Gateway Pentium 133MHz computer and the Elite software
has the problem that has been much reported on this list.  The menu options
and other assorted text in the program appears as jibberish.  I looked
through the messages that I could find and did not see a report on the
solution to the problem.  Is there a solution to the problem?  I have tried
version 4.02 of the software, which I will reload, and it does the same
thing.  Any ideas.  I hope that I didn't waste the approx. $2000 to buy the

Douglas Smoot
Immune Cell Biology Program
Naval Medical Research Institute, Code O612
Bethesda, MD 20889-5607
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