Absolute counts from flow cytometry

Doug Terle douglas at helix.nih.gov
Fri Nov 15 07:38:36 EST 1996

At 04:29 PM 11/14/96 EST, you wrote:
>We are trying to generate absolute counts for different cell types in the
>peripheral blood of mice.  What are your preferred methods? ......

Jeff Carrell
Human Genome Sciences


You may want to look at LDS-751. It is a nucleic acid dye not requiring
permeabilization and can be used in whole blood with no lysing. 
See the following reference:

Multidimensional Flow Cytometric  Blood Cell Differentiation without
erythrocyte lysing, Terstappen, et al. in Blood Cells (1991) 17:585-602.

The dye is available from Exciton, Inc (513) 258-3937, Dayton, Ohio.

Good luck.

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