questions about superantigen/apoptosis

Meenakshi Roy meena at
Wed Nov 13 17:44:44 EST 1996

  This is not a directly flow related question, but I am hoping someone can
help me.  I am immunising mice with superantigen (staphylococal enterotoxin
B), and looking for apoptosis of T cell populations in vivo.  Recently, I
have been having problems with a prep of SEB from Sigma.
   Based on literature, I expect to see an increase in Vbeta 8 expressing
populations of CD4 T cells in the spleen, on immunisation with SEB.  I have
tried injecting C57BL/6 mice i.p. with 5 ucg, 10 ucg, 20 ucg, and 30 ucg
SEB and following the VBeta 8/CD4 populations over days 1,2 and 3.  I dont
see an increase in the VB8 /CD4 populations (in comparison to controls) at
either timepoints.  I do see a decrease in percentage at day 1 after
   The CD4 -ve /V Beta 8 population (presumably CD8's)-do seem to
increase-but only after 3 days at 30 ucg/mouse.
  Does anyone have any experience/ideas ? Should I get SEB from Toxin
Technologies instead? Any insights would be greatly appreciated!!

Meenakshi Roy, Ph.D.
Stanford University

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