tom_frey@bdis.com tom_frey at bdis.com
Wed Nov 13 13:45:07 EST 1996

Regarding Tom Delohery's remarks:

>>>It would appear the 'Calibur is able to directly detect APC, Cy5 or Cy7
>>>as the 4th color.  In that case the use of ANY of the PE tandems may 
>>>present some problems with the second laser.  Of course this isn't a 
>>>problem if you use PerCP for your "near red" (FL3).

I don't think the 635 nm laser will effectively excite Cy7 directly, and even if 
it does the stock 661/16 in FL4 will not pass it's emission.  We are certainly 
able to detect APC and Cy5 in the FL4 channel.

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