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Thu Nov 14 09:33:28 EST 1996

The ONLY products that have ever been available for the HP 340 running the
PWS operating system were FACSNET from BD and FUSION from Network Research
Corporation. BD's product is based on FUSION.  While FUSION itself is a bit
cheaper, unless you have a good background in TCP/IP networking, it is much
more difficult to use.  My last contact with NRC was several years ago- this
is the address: 2380 N. Rose Avenue, Oxnard, California, 93030-9813, USA.

Of course, you will need an ethernet connection and TCP/IP software for your
PC too.  They're available from numerous sources, including the two
mentioned above.

There are several other options for electronic connections besides ethernet.
Verity Software sells a product, called "WHPPC" to connect a PC to the HP
through the HPIB adapter.  It's about as fast as ethernet and fairly easy to

If you have Web access, you could also check Eric Martz' catalog of free
flow cytometry software for more options:

Good Luck!

At 06:42 PM 11/13/96 +-200, you wrote:
>We have a FACSort cytometer with a HP340 system, which has a net adapter
with BNC connector (thin coax). Has anyone heard about some software that
will allow me to connect the HP workstation with a PC compatible through an
Ether adapter?
>Thank you.
>Eugen Radu
>Faculty of Medicine Craiova
>Dept. Immunology
Neal A. Benson
Biotechnology Program, University of Florida
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