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Thu Nov 14 00:52:05 EST 1996

Well, it's done!

The Purdue Cytometry CD-ROM Volume 2 is complete and is off to the 
presses! This message to the cytometry community, will be recorded 
as the last CYTOMETRY EMAIL message on Volume 2. All 6000 message 
from the past 5 years are nicely organized - in case you missed one 
of the many gems of wisdom! (We even picked out some of the good stuff 
for you). 

The CD will be distributed free to participants of the American 
Society for Hematology meeting in Orlando Dec 6, 1996.

15 companies sponsored the disk, and I would like to thank the 
following companies:
B-D, Bio-Rad and Coulter as Major Sponsors.
Caltag, Softflow and PharMingen as Significant Sponsors.
Verity, Phoenix, Sigma, Cytomation, FSCS, Research Diagnostics Inc, 
Spherotech, Orpegen and BioE as valued supporters.

Without their support the CD could not be made. Thanks also to the 80 
odd contributors to Vol 2.

There are WELL over 15,000 files on this disk! Over 300 powerpoint 
lecture slides of flow cytometry and confocal microscopy; a new 
section on MICROBIAL CYTOMETRY; A section on VETERINAY cytometry; 
detailed information in over 20 cytometry associations/societies 
around the world (names addresses, fax, email, web); the US and 
European STEP program; a new section on MULTIMEDIA teaching and 
learning; additional tutorials and much more - 17 sections in all!

Copies will be distributed at the ASILOMAR Technical Workshop 
in December (if they are ready), Helene Paxton's Clinical 
meeting (Maryland, USA) in March, the IBERIAN SOCIETY meeting in 
Lisbon (June 1997), the flow/confocal workshop in Krakow, Poland June 
9-12, 1997, and if there are any left at David Hedley's meeting in 
Toronto June 21, 1997).

Some companies purchased additional copies for their
own use and you may be able to get a copy from their reps (B-D, 
Coulter & PharMingen)

If you really want a copy and can't get to a meeting you 
can send a check for US$20 for US & Canada addresses and US$30 for 
others. This covers our handling costs. Distribution will begin 
around December 10. Make sure you give us a RETURN address - please...

Address to send: 
CD-ROM Vol 2
Cytometry Labs, B050
Hansen Hall, Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Thanks cytometry community for your great support.
Paul Robinson
J.Paul Robinson, Purdue University Cytometry Labs
Professor of Immunopharmacology
robinson at PH:317-494 6449 FAX:317-494 0517

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