Ethernet conection

Ray Hicks rh208 at
Thu Nov 14 07:51:40 EST 1996

Hi Eugen,

I've done this with a macintosh, and it is very easy.  You need to have a
thin coax adapter for your PC, and simply connect the two machines.  Most
ftp clients will allow you to log on to the FACSort (which should be
running FACSnet in server mode, available from B-D) and get or put files
from/to the hard disc.

If you already have your PC connected to a network using thin coax, you
will have to change the IP address of the FACSort from the style to
whatever style your network uses (eg so that it can be

If you have an existing network connection using twisted pair or another
medium, you will need to buy a medium converter, which allows you to plug
the BNC on one end and the network RJ plug one the other (I had to do this,
and bought mine from a company called black box), you'll need a spare
network socket for this.

Hope this helps


At 6:42 pm 13/11/96, Laborator Citometrie wrote:
>We have a FACSort cytometer with a HP340 system, which has a net adapter
>with BNC connector (thin coax). Has anyone heard about some software that
>will allow me to connect the HP workstation with a PC compatible through
>an Ether adapter?
>Thank you.
>Eugen Radu
>Faculty of Medicine Craiova
>Dept. Immunology

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