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Wed Nov 13 11:38:30 EST 1996

- Question . . .  been discussed several times, but I'm in a hurry . . .
- Using either PC-LYSYS, WinList, or WinMDI (Thanks, Joe), what's an easy
- -- emphasis on "easy" -- way to generate a text file of the data in a
- histogram (either single or 2d)  to be readable in a spreadsheet or other
- program, say . . as an ascii file, for analysis outside these flow-type
- programs?

We use my program LDATA here - it dumps the data values into an
ascii file from either a one-parameter or two-parameter histogram.

To get complete output, you would also need KEYS or LOOKUP (which
dump either all or specified keyword-value pairs from an FCS file),
and depending on your needs, you may need to reformat the output of

You can pick up these programs from our FTP site
ftp.cyto.purdue.edu using the standard anonymous login.  They are
in the /pub/purdue directory, along with some others.

These were written a long time ago now (time flies whether you are
having fun or not), but they do what they are supposed to so I've
never updated them with fancy interfaces.

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