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Wed Nov 13 23:12:33 EST 1996

Dear Sirs!

   In many of laboratories (by the publications) histograms (flow
cytometry) estimate as percent of positive crates. However, such way of
an estimation histograms too rough, we lose a lot of biological
information. Through mathematical modeling it is possible to receive a
clearer picture of a condition immune system.
   Such approach can be applied at exacter diagnostics of a condition
immune system and at study of influence per capita of new medicines.
      For the analysis we use histograms with large dispersion
(heterogeneity) such as HLA-DR/CD4 + T-cells and so on (have long "tail"
from active (HLA-DR positive) cells).

On reaction CD4 + T-cells on an antigene we can indirectly judge
reaction immune system and person as a whole on an antigene. In such a
way it is possible to test new medicines.
On financial difficulties we can not now carry out(spend) experimental

   If YOU were interested by(with) such approach , can be YOU send
following histograms.
For the given patient with a known pathology or before and after
medicinal therapy (it is unimportant which) are necessary histograms
peripherical blood T-cells: 
1. HLA-DR/CD4 +
2. HLA-DR/CD4 + /CD45RA - naiv cells

For an estimation of influence of a given medicinal means it is
necessary to have histograms from several (~20) patients and control
histograms of the donors.

If YOU investigate a given pathology or test a medicinal means, we shall
be glad to give you result of our analysis.
We sincerely hope for further cooperation.

With deep respect 
P.G student
Oleg S. Vasilyev
post-graduate student 


Mathmed at ropnet.ru

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