text from flow data

Ray Hicks rh208 at cus.cam.ac.uk
Wed Nov 13 08:12:00 EST 1996

(Lateral) Answer...

If you've got access to a mac and you've got list mode files, you could try
FCS Assistant. It opens FCS files and generates text files in list mode,
histogram, or time-averaged formats.  It also adds ratio and pseudo-time
for cytometers that haven't got those parameters.

You can get a copy from http://flosun.salk.edu or from my web page;


At 6:19 pm 12/11/96, KUKURUGA at medmail.med.umich.edu wrote:
>Question . . .  been discussed several times, but I'm in a hurry . . .
>Using either PC-LYSYS, WinList, or WinMDI (Thanks, Joe), what's an easy
>-- emphasis on "easy" -- way to generate a text file of the data in a
>histogram (either single or 2d)  to be readable in a spreadsheet or other
>program, say . . as an ascii file, for analysis outside these flow-type
>Mark A. KuKuruga
>kukuruga at medmail.med.umich.edu

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