Bovine-specific CD's markers

Wed Nov 13 11:20:00 EST 1996

Hi Charlie,
regarding your request about possible source of bovine CDs antibodies try to 
e-mail directly Jan Naessens (J.Naessens at or Niall MacHugh 
(N.MacHugh at at ILRI (International Livestock Research Institute, 
Nairobi Kenya). They produce lots of anti-bovine CDs antibodies that we 
routinely use here and has been used in others laboratories as well. If they 
don't have some the antibodies you neeed they are also one the best source 
of information on this field.

greetings, Mara

Mara S.L. Rocchi, DVM Ph.D.
lab 4 - ILRI
Nairobi, Kenya

M.Rocchi at

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