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Tue Nov 12 16:43:48 EST 1996

Flow cytometer / Haematology analyzer designer looks for new challenge.

Dear members of the cytometry mailing list,

I just finished a cytometer design project at University of Twente within
the cytometer group of Prof. Jan Greve and Dr. Bart de Grooth and I am 
looking for a new challenge to follow up this project.

Based on my working experience with US companies I decided that I would 
like to progress my profession within companies rather than universities. I 
enjoyed the work within multi disciplinary groups and the challenge of making 
a commercial product design instead of laboratory set-ups. 

I am an applied physics engineer (Ir.) in the field of opto-electronics with a lot of 
experience in cytometer design and light scattering. 
The level of the Dutch Ir. title is in between a MSc. and a PhD. We are allowed 
to carry the more international MSc. title instead of Ir.
Next to my physics degree I have a specialization in organization management 
and I just finished a two year Modern Optics Designer study. This last study is 
a postgraduate course which is an option besides doing your PhD. The study 
emphases the design part of a project, especially commercial products design. 

The final design project focused on miniaturized cytometer design. 

I am 27 years and due to the international character of our lab, I am used to 
communicating in English during my work. Communication skills in German are 
also reasonable and I have basic knowledge of  French and Italian.   

Anyone who has an interesting, challenging and innovating job opportunity, fitting 
with my background: you can reach me at the e-mail address below for more 
specific information about my person, study and experience.

Yours sincerely,

Ir. Robbert van Leeuwen

Applied Physics / Flow Cytometry Group
University of Twente
The Netherlands

Robbert at

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