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I believe you are speaking about our ModFit LT 1.01 which is packaged 
with Becton Dickinson's CellQuest workstations.  As you point out it 
does not handle synchronized cell populations well, nor-was it designed 
for this type of analysis.  You will be happy to learn that we have just 
released ModFit LT 2.0 which contains a Synchronization Wizard.  This 
tool enables users to perform this type of analysis with unprecedented 
ease.  I would be happy to have a demo disk sent to you for evaluation.  
You will be happy to learn as well that there is an upgrade path to the 
new version. We sent notices out to all of the people who sent in their 
registration cards but yours must have been lost in the mail.

In any  case you should contact your BD rep and inquire about the 
upgrade.  If you provide me with your address and FAX, I will FAX you 
some information immediately.  You can also see the new features on our 
WEB site (

If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact 

Best regards

Don Herbert
Verity Software House, Inc.

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Dear Flow-ers,

I need some advices regarding the use of ModFit S/W.

A colleagues of mine is interested in studying the effect of various

anti-sense oligo's on cell cycle progression of synchronized HeLa cells. 
He have tried to use BD's ModFit s/w to analyze the data and did not 
get good reports with some of the data files. I studied some of the 
graphs and found that bad reports are usually derived from 
non-standarized cell cycle distribution. For example, one set of data 
can have 10% G0/G1, 80% S and 10% G2/M.  
The s/w scans three peaks and take the second S peak as G2/M peak. 
Another example will be a set of data with  20% G0/G1 and 80% S and 
invisible G2/M. The s/w will scan and see only one peak.

I used to work with the earlier vesion (CellFit) and my only
experience with ModFit is with standard cell cycle data. It appears that 
the CellFit S/W does a better job in these type of analysis. I had
used CellFit for similar type of analysis and it generated better 

We would like to know if ModFit is fitted for such an analysis, and if
yes, how to get around the proplems we had?  We would try other s/w if
modfit is not adequate for such analysis. Would anyone suggest a good
Mac-s/w for us? (We have a FACScan and Macintosh Quadra 650) Thank you 
in advance.


Austin Lin
austin63 at

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