CMV-specific surface antigens

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Actually,  Skip Maino from BD has described a antigen specific proliferation 
test that works in HIV.  Patient's PBMC are cultured with and without CMV 
extract.  After culture the cells can be measured for CD69.  They showed that a 
CMV+ donor would have 10%+ CD69 cells while a CMV sero negative donor would have 
only 3% CD69 cells.  This might be a better approach than quantitating the 
actual AG on PBMC.

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Subject: CMV-specific surface antigens
From:    "Gregor Rothe" <gregor.rothe at> at 
Date:    11/8/96  2:23 PM

Hello to all,

Is there anyone on the list with experience in the flow 
cytometric analysis of CMV-specific nuclear or cell-
surface antigens on peripheral blood leukocytes?
Any recommendations regarding reagents?

Thanks for any help,

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