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Gerald E. Marti gemarti at helix.nih.gov
Tue Nov 12 08:30:42 EST 1996

Austin: what is ModFit S/W?  We are aware of ModFit LT for the Mac.  gemarti

Austin Lin enquired :
>>I need some advices regarding the use of ModFit S/W.
>>For example, one set of data can
>>have 10% G0/G1, 80% S and 10% G2/M.  The s/w scans three peaks and take the
>>second S peak as G2/M peak. Another example will be a set of data with 20%
>>G0/G1 and 80% S and invisible G2/M. The s/w will scan and see only one
>>Would anyone suggest a good
>>Mac-s/w for us? (We have a FACScan and Macintosh Quadra 650) Thank you in
>I have recently processed several hundred histograms with 'cylchred'.
>Some of these have been BrdU +ve/-ve fractions following pulse
>labelling. Many of these fit the description above and others have
>been more extreme. The program will attempt to find G0/1 G2/M
>positions, if you are not happy with these positions values can be
>called back from the previous histogram or inserted manually.
>Calculation of phases is then based on Watson et al Cytometry 8 1-8
>which handles synchronised populations as well as more conventional
>Version 1.0.5 uses wildcards for easy selection of groups of files
>and produces a textfile of results for transferring into
>spreadsheets. It is PC based but I have seen it operating on a Mac
>with SoftWindows.
>Copies from
>That takes you to my home page which starts with an
>illustration from Cylchred
>Follow the links to 'Software from Cardiff'
>If you prefer ftp
>OPEN    ftp.cf.ac.uk
>CD   /pub/UWCM/hg
>GET cylchred.exe (as binary).
>Dr. Terry Hoy
>Principal Research Officer
>Department of Haematology                   Telephone 44 1222 743458
>University of Wales College of Medicine           FAX 44 1222 744655
>Heath Park                                  E-mail hoy at cardiff.ac.uk
>CARDIFF CF4 4XN           http://www.cf.ac.uk/uwcm/hg/hoy/index.html

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