Murine Histocompatability Antigens

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The Pharmingen catalog has a nice section on pages 68-69 with data for
the most common 45 mouse strains.  If you need something more exotic,
Jan Klein's book will have it. 
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>This is not strictly a Cytometry question, but I'm sure that
>some of you will know the answer.
>I find myself repeatedly needing to look up which H-2 and I-A
>alleles are expressed on different inbred mouse strains.  I
>have search on the internet for this information without
>success.  It does not seem to be in the Jackson Lab Mouse
>Genome Database, or if it is, I can't find it.
>Can anyone point me to a source (I would even settle for a
>paper-based source) for information on murine H-2 and I-A
>At the moment I need to know the I-A type of C57Bl/6 mice if
>anyone has it easily available.
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