Tissue Cross Match on Coulter XL

Robert Pyle pyle at smtpgw.kfshrc.edu.sa
Mon Nov 11 10:02:48 EST 1996

     We have been performing tissue crossmatch for our transplant service 
     using the BD FACScan.  We acquire our data in a logarithmic 
     preference. We analyze our data changing our preferences to 
     geometric/channel values.  We calculate the 2SD value for our controls 
     and then consider any value above the 2SD to be positive. We acquire 
     in Logarithmic and analyze in geometric/ in order to detect subtle 
     We want to be able to utilize our Coulter XL with MCL loader but the 
     software does not allow such preference changes.  We wonder how other 
     laboratories performing similar flow crossmatches with the Coulter XL 
     perform similar data analysis as on the FACScan.
     I would appreciate some feedback on flow crossmatch data analysis on a 
     Coulter XL.  Also, I would invite any comments on data validity 
     regarding the preferences chosen for data acquisition and data 
     Haywood Pyle
     pyle at kfshrc.edu.sa
     King Faisal Specialist Hospital
     Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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