murine H2

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Sat Nov 9 09:15:03 EST 1996

C57Bl/6 mice are I-A of b and there are a lot of immunology textbooks
that provide this information, particularly Natural History of the Major
Histocompatibility Complex by Jan Klein is probably the best although
there are some mouse genome texts whose titles alude me at present.
But really the best source is the ATCC catalog which describes the original
specificity of all the murine class I and class II antibodies that they 
If you looked up Y3P for example, Janeway's classic to I-A of b, the catalog
would tell you other side specificities as well as tell you the major 
strain cells that this antibody will bind to.  ATCC stands for American Type
Culture Collection, they're located in Bethesda, Maryland I believe and the
catalog is probably free.

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