Staining of Bacteria

Martin Poot Martin at probes.MHS.CompuServe.COM
Thu Nov 7 20:17:18 EST 1996

Dear Flow-ers,

I am sorry for this belated response to a question by Georgia M. 
Farris.  There are two kits available for staining of bacteria.
The first one stains all bacteria (whether viable or dead).  The 
second kit also stains all bacteria, but it comes with a flask of 
beads of known density.  By counting the beads (which are much larger 
than the bacteria) you know what volume you have analysed and then 
you can calculate how many bacteria there were per microliter of 

Their catalog numbers are 7012 (BacLight) and 7277 (BacCount) 
respectively.  They are avaliable from Molecular Probes, Inc.; P.O. 
Box 22010; Eugene; OR 97402; Tel: (541) 465-8300; FAX: (541) 344-6504.

Good luck !

Martin Poot

Martin_Poot at 

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