Panther850@aol.com Panther850 at aol.com
Fri Nov 8 09:31:33 EST 1996

A freind of mine who is in the market for a clinical flow cytometer has asked
me to post this message for him.  He of course is looking to purchase either
a BD Calibur or Coulter XL.  He prefers the BD for some very obvious reasons.
 Coulter is telling him that BD can't deliver 4 color and that it doesn't
work. Is there anyone who has had experience with the BD 4 color option?
 What about the Coulter?  Is it true that the Coulter will only work with
tandem conjugates?  Are there severe limitations to working with tandem dyes?
 Is a dual laser approach to 4 color a better option than single laser?  What
about 4 color reagents?  Coulter is making claims of clinical use.


Jason Aaron

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