Tunel in skeletal muscle

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Thu Nov 7 13:11:51 EST 1996

Dear colleagues,
our group is interested in investigating the apoptotic process in
biopsy samples of human skeletal muscle (formalin-fixed,
paraffin-embedded). So far we tried the TUNEL method with kits from
Oncor and Boehringer. Following the protocol of the company we
received the following results; our negative controls (no TdT) stayed
negative as expected, our positive control section (human tonsil
tissue) looked good. However, using the skeletal muscle biopsy
specimens we stained all nuclei positive. Also changing the blocking
conditions and the dilution of the flourescin antibody we received no
change. Our question now is if somebody has experience with TUNEL on
skeletal muscle samples, or if somebody observed the same strange
result. Thank you very much for your help

Volker Adams, PhD
Heart-Center Leipzig

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