Marc BARAD barad at ciml.univ-mrs.fr
Thu Nov 7 14:46:40 EST 1996

Hello !

I'm in charge of the department of flowcytometry, confocal microscopy and
bio-informatics in the Center of Immunology of Marseille-Luminy. In
flowcytometry, I have one FacStar Plus, two FacScan and one FacsCalibur. We
are more than 150 persons in the lab and more 50 working with flowcytometry.
My problem is to organize the access of the computer connected to the
flowcytometers. With the HP computers, we have no problems ( no place on HD,
a close operating system). All computers are connected on a UNIX file server
via FacsNet on HP and Fetch on Mac.
        For the organization of the access on Mac, I try At EASE. I have a
PowerMac 7600/12, running Cellquest version 3.0.1f, which is attached to the
FACScalibur. I have attempting to load At EASE 2.0., but the computer cannot
restart. The problem is a conflict between the extensions of At EASE and the
extension of CellQuest, BDPAC. If I use the extensions manager to unload one
of these, At EASE or CellQuest works alone. 

        My question is: is one version of At EASE, like 3.0, who works with
CellQuest ? In the negative, is there a software, like At EASE, working

                        Thanks for all, MARC.

 Marc BARAD  
 Flowcytometry,Confocal Microscopy and Bio-Informatics
 Center Of Immunology
 BP 906 

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