Feotal Heamoglobin

Andy mrpacj at south-01.novell.leeds.ac.uk
Wed Nov 6 10:25:34 EST 1996

I'm involved in a pilot study to measure/quantitate the number of 
feotal cells found in the maternal circulation after a miscarriage, 
Our approach is to fix and lyse the cells which allows us to label feotal
 haemoglobin (Hb-gamma).  The ideal result would be two distinct 
peaks, but currently are result show a broad peak, with a
 positive "shoulder", which allows us to distinguish the presence of
 feotal cells but not determine a value.  This is due to the maternal red
cells being unable able to with stand the harsh treatment.

Does anybody know of a cocktail that is capable of fixing and 
permeablising adult red blood cells ?

Any comments appreciated.

Andy Johnson, Leeds Blood Transfusion Centre.

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