rat pancreatic islet cells

esteca esteca at bellvitge.bvg.ub.es
Sat Mar 2 22:10:55 EST 1996

Has anyone had any experience working with rat pancreatic islet

I have a client that wants to work with rat pancreatic islet cells.
We want to discriminate between non B-cells and B-cells. We know that
for example, Van der Wrinkel et al. established an elegant technique
for sorting islet cells into discrete populations based on intrinsec
cellular autofluorescence but we have some problems. For example:

Is it necessary to incubate the cells in 2.8 mM of glucose at 17C for
detecting autofluorescence of B-cells? How much time does incubation
take? Do you know what happens with the autofluorescence of B-cells
versus non B cells in cultures of 12-24 h with 11.1 mM of glucose at
37 C?

Any information would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Esther Castaño
Campus de Bellvitge
Universitat de Barcelona

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