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Thu Mar 28 10:27:05 EST 1996

        We have noted this expansion in apoptosis studies by flow- many
substandard. We are involved in apoptosis studies with a number of people
at NIH and they are amazed and excited about what good flow can do for
them. People who in the past tried to do their own work by getting time on
a FACScan have a poor view of the power of this technique. After
collaborating with my lab they realize that apoptosis by flow is not a
black box they can shove stained tubes into and get a good answer out of.
We need to take the initiative in educating the general scientific
community about apoptosis studies and how complex they are. In my own work
identifying a new anti-apoptotic agent in lymphomas, I have compared many
methods and found all useful in the appropriate setting and when you know
what you are doing. I think ISAC should take an active role in promoting
intellegent use of flow.

>Over the past year, there has been increasing interest in the area of
>apoptosis and the use of flow and image cytometry in assessment of this
>physiologically important process. From the posted notices I perceive the
>need for: (1) standardized methodologies to evaluate apoptosis, (2)
>development of cytometric techniques and probes to study the process(es),
>and (3) application of flow and image techniques to study apoptosis in
>model systems as well as the real world (human tissues).
>In parallel, I have noticed a significant increase in: (1) the numbers of
>papers published in "mainstream" journals (Cell, Cancer Research, etc)
>dealing with apoptosis, (2) the significant numbers of these papers using
>flow cytometry, (3) the significant differences in techniques (and
>interpretation) used to measure apoptosis in flow, and (4) the percent of
>these papers published by ISAC members (seems low to me).
>I think that it is time for the cytometry community to take the lead in
>this expanding (and as yet largely uncharted) area of biology research!
>The Scientific Advisory Committee of ISAC has the responsibility of
>organizing focused, thematic meetings on topics of interest to the
>cytometry community. As a member of this committee, I would welcome
>comments through this BBS regarding the possibility of an ISAC sponsored
>meeting on this theme. Please place your comments regarding topics,
>themes, possible speakers, workshop sessions, etc. on this BBS (subject
>to J. Paul Robinson's approval!).
>Thanks in advance
>Vince Shankey
>Loyola Univ Med Cntr

Maryalice Stetler-Stevenson
Director Flow Cytometry Unit
Laboratory of Pathology, NCI, NIH

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