ISAC - any last minute tourists? eticheno at
Fri Mar 29 15:57:42 EST 1996

      Anyone into last minute planning?
          I am flying into Rome on April 11th, arriving at 2:40pm (British 
          Airways Flt#554C from Heathrow) and would like some company while 
          tooling around Rome.
          I'm planning on staying overnite in Rome and then catching a 
          train to Rimini late on Friday, April 12th.
          An afternoon and a morning is not very much time and possibly 
          could be extended (just have to set up a poster by 6 on Sat), but 
          I'm wondering if anyone else has the same idea?
          Please contact me ASAP, so I can alter or firm up plans depending 
          on the plan...
          Edie Tichenor
          eticheno at

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