Green laser

Ray Hicks rh208 at
Thu Mar 28 06:07:18 EST 1996

Hi Visia,
I've got a brochure from a uk company (Laser Lines Limited. Fax UK +1295
269651) that features a range of solid state lasers with 532nm line that
will put out between 10 and 400mW.  They're made by  a company called
Adlas, I've got no idea of their pricing though I'm afraid.


At 4:39 pm 26/3/96, Visia Dragowska wrote:
>We would like to acquire a green laser with 540nm line (He-Neo) TEOO.   Does
>anybody out there have some information  on where to buy it ?  Is a He-Neo
>laser the only one with a 540 nm line?
>Visia Dragowska

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