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Kit Conley conley.christopher at mayo.edu
Thu Mar 28 12:31:50 EST 1996

  Dr. Austin --

  I got behind in opening my mailbox, so I'm sorry about the delay in responding
  to your message.

  While soluble CD8 antigen does exist, I'm not aware that it creates any
  problem in quantifying lymphocytes that express the antigen on the cell
  surface. As to your study of lymphocyte subpopulations in patients with
  autoimmune disorders, I know that Dr. Colin Stephen Scott has investigated
  both transient and persistent expansions of large granular lymphocytes in
  association with the Yorkshire Leukaemia Group, and you might take a look at
  their work:

  Scott CS et al, Brit. J. Haematol., 1993, 83: 504-515.

  Scott CS and Richards SJ, Blood Rev., 1992, 6: 220-233.

 Good luck -- hope this is helpful.

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