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Thu Mar 28 06:56:40 EST 1996

In response to Maribel Leong's query about BrdU incorporation,
- A 2 hr. pulse is quite lengthy for a population with a doubling time of 12 
hrs.  Your %incorporation may be higher than %S phase because you now have 
cells that incorporated BrdU in S phase but are now in G2/M or G1 (admitedly 
with 1/2 the amount of BrdU, but would still be positive.  Try a 1/2 hr. pulse.
- Don't try to determine %S phase from BrdU/PI double stained.  The fixation 
for BrdU ruins the G1 CV skewing all results.  Use the double stain as a 
correlation only.
- I only make up PI/detergent twice a year, so your previous advice sounds good 
to me!

-John Tonkinson
-Lilly Research Labs

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