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Tue Mar 26 17:11:21 EST 1996

>>> Alice L. Givan <Alice.L.Givan at> 03/26/96 06:43am >>>
Just to second Mario Roederer's sound comments on isotype controls -- and
the complications of needing to match control concentration with stain
concentration (when we often don't know the concentration of either....).

There is,  in addition,  the added complication if using directly
conjugated  antibodies.  For the isotype control to be valid,  it would
also have to match the staining antibody with respect to its F/P ratio. 
And accurate determination of F/P ratios for antibodies used in flow
cytometry is a huge can of worms.....
Alice Givan
Englert Cell Analysis Laboratory  Dartmouth Medical School
Lebanon,  New Hampshire

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