Possible solution for the isotype control issue

Karenrt@aol.com Karenrt at aol.com
Wed Mar 27 19:17:54 EST 1996

I agree that in many instances isotype controls are not necessary, especially
when there are "normal" cells in the preparation. Every once in a while,
though, you will encounter a situation, usually something out of the
ordinary, where you'll wish you had them. Perhaps we all need to focus on
ways to shorten the entire process so that it is practical to repeat certain
antibody combinations with isotypes when the need is recognized. Most labs
will want to keep a small stock around for this purpose, but it could cut
both the cost and time involved. Lyse no-wash methods using creative antibody
combinations and gating strategies would make this possible. Anybody game to
take on the challenge? Just an idea....

Karen Tamul
Technical Support Coordinator
FAST Systems, Inc
Gaithersburg, MD

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