Isotype Controls

Albert D Donnenberg, PhD donnal at
Wed Mar 27 15:04:16 EST 1996

While we are beating isotype controls to death, I should mention one 
case where we find them helpful: In 3-color studies we often use one 
color as a gate (e.g. CD34 plus side scatter) and the other 2 colors 
to define subpopulations (e.g. HLA-DR and CD38).  Since the gated population 
has very different nonspecific fluorescence than the ungated cells, 
and since the subpopulations are not always as clear as one would 
like, a CD34- isotype-isotype control is very useful.  Note that the 
usual isotype-isotype-isotype control would be of no value in this 
situation since it tells you nothing about nonspecificic binding
in the population of interest (in this example CD34+ cells).
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